Jan Hagen is a sought after keynote speaker for error management and organizational learning. His speeches are consistently described as 'thought provoking' and 'providing new perspectives'. He regularly speaks at events ranging from more than 1,000 attendees to exclusive board meetings. Jan addresses a wide range of organizations like Actuarial Association of Europe, Deutsche Aktuarvereinigung, Deutscher Anwaltverein, European Parliament, German Federal Armed Forces, German Police, International Social Security Association, Society of Actuaries in Ireland, Staatskanzlei Kiel, Vereinigung der Bayerischen Wirtschaft, or the Zürcher Public Relations Gesellschaft as well as large and medium sized companies.

"Successful and lasting error management lives of new ideas and impulses. Jan Hagen’s presentations were always full of inspiring ideas and outstanding scientific knowledge of the subject, significantly supporting my everyday effort to make military aviation safer."

Peter Klement, Brigadier General, Director of Aviation Safety of the German Federal Armed Forces

Jan’s presentation was a top-notch experience that challenged conventional thinking and opened our minds to the advantages open error communication and the factual management of errors offer to organizations. We all walked away with a new sense of how thorough error analysis can increase a company’s knowledge if we don’t deny them or sweep them under the carpet.

Philipp P. Gross, CEO Peter Gross Bau Holding GmbH

Past public speaking engagements

Feb 6, 2021
Embracing uncertainty – Recognizing wrong tracks earlyESMT Berlin Theme: Embracing Uncertainty, Berlin, Germany

Sep 24, 2020
What Can We Learn from Error Management in the Aviation Industry?, Slovenia

Dec 3, 2019
Was Unternehmer von Piloten lernen können58. Würzburger Ziegel-Lehrgang 2019, Würzburg, Germany

Nov 14, 2019
How could this happen? What leaders can learn from high reliability organizations
ESMT Leadership Day, Berlin, Germany

Nov 7, 2019
Fatale Fehler - Lektionen aus dem Cockpit14. Fachtagung Anlagen-, Arbeits- und Umweltsicherheit, DECHEMA und VDI, Köthen, Germany

Oct 23, 2019
Fehlerkultur und Fehlermanagement
Flugsicherheitsfachtagung der Bundeswehr (Flight Safety Meeting of the German Federal Armed Forces), Kalkar, Germany

Oct 16, 2019
VISION ZERO and the need for an open error culture
VII International Conference "Industrial Safety. Best Practices 2019", International Social Security Association (ISSA), Odessa, Ukraine

Jul 10, 2019
VISION ZERO und offene Fehlerkultur
Vertreterversammlung der Berufsgenossenschaft Rohstoffe und chemische Industrie, Nürnberg, Germany

May 3, 2019
Fatale Fehler - Was Unternehmer von Piloten lernen könnenVereinigung der Bayerischen Wirtschaft e.V., Spitzingsee, Germany

Jan 23, 2019
Wie können Teams zuverlässig zusammenarbeiten
Präventionstagung 2019, Berufsgenossenschaft Rohstoffe und chemische Industrie, Potsdam, Germany

Nov 8, 2018
Fehlerkultur und Fehlermanagement - Was Ärzte von Piloten lernen können
Hirslanden Doctors’ Summit 2018, Luzern, Switzerland

Sep 28, 2018
The role of commander inquiry as part of CRM – Cockpit communication and performance in non-normal situations
3rd International Human Factors Conference, Lufthansa Aviation Training, Vienna, Austria

Jun 18, 2018
Compliance unter Extrembedingungen – Lektionen aus der Luftfahrt
Corporate Governance Compliance Strategies, we.connect, Berlin, Germany

Jun 6, 2018
Confronting mistakes – The importance and implications of an open error culture
1st International Bar Leaders Symposium, Deutscher Anwalt Verein, Heidelberg, Germany

Apr 20, 2018
Cockpit communication and performance in non-normal situations
Aviation Safety Awareness Day, Belgian Air Force, Florennes, Belgium

Mar 20, 2018
Fehlerkultur – Was wir von Piloten lernen können
Zürcher Public Relations Gesellschaft, Zurich, Switzerland

Nov 14, 2017
Human failure & mindset change
21st Fab Management Forum, SEMICON Europe, Munich, Germany

Feb 15, 2017
Hierarchien sind Gift – Fatale Fehler und ihre Ursachen
Unternehmer-Dialog, Die Familien-Unternehmer, Saarbrücken, Germany

Sep 13, 2016
Continuous delivery – Lessons from the aviation industry
Continuous Delivery & DevOps Conference, Praqma, Copenhagen, Denmark

Jun 1, 2016
Error management and team interaction
Aviation Safety – Today‘s and Future Challenges in a Digital Environment, ILA Berlin Air Show – Director of Flight Safety German Federal Armed Forces, Berlin, Germany

Nov 17, 2015
Fatale Fehler – Risikomanagement aus einem anderen Blickwinkel
DAV/DGVFM-Herbsttagung, Deutsche Aktuarvereinigung e.V., Dresden, Germany

Oct 13, 2015
FehlermanagementFlugsicherheitsfachtagung der Bundeswehr (Flight Safety Meeting of the German Federal Armed Forces), German Federal Armed Forces, Brühl, Germany

Oct 9, 2015
Learning from failure
XVII. Humanitarian Congress Berlin, Médecins Sans Frontières, Médecins Du Monde, the German Red Cross, the Berlin Chamber of Physicians and the Charité, Berlin, Germany

Aug 10, 2015
How leaders minimize the consequences of errors: Lessons from the flight deck
Academy of Management, 2015 AOM Annual Meeting, Vancouver, Canada

Jun 29, 2015
Fatale Fehler
Risk Minds, we.conect, Berlin, Germany

Jun 18, 2015
How to learn from dealing with failure in other areas
Learning from Failure – Bankruptcy and Second Chance for Honest Bankrupt Entrepreneurs, European Commission/DG GROW, Brussels, Belgium

May 26, 2015
Confronting mistakes
Annual Convention, Society of Actuaries in Ireland, Dublin, Ireland

Jan 15, 2015
Fehlermanagement – Lektionen aus dem Cockpit
26. Innovation Panel der SGL Group, SGL Group, Augsburg, Germany

Nov 13, 2014
Toter Winkel – Lektionen aus dem Cockpit
LINKED Finance Leader, BeLinked, Vienna, Austria

Oct 3, 2014
Probleme und Lösungen einer angstbesetzten Fehlerkultur
66. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Urologie, DGU, Dusseldorf, Germany

Sep 5, 2014
Team adaptiveness in dynamic contexts: Contextualizing the roles of interaction patterns and in-process planning
Academy of Management Annual Meeting, AoM, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Jul 7, 2014
Dynamic coordination in extreme action teams: Leader inquiry, member voice, and team performance in fluid work settings
Interdisciplinary Group Research (INGRoup) Conference, INGRoup, Raleigh, NC, USA

Jul 1, 2012
Staying alive! Team effectiveness during uncertainty and complexity
Interdisciplinary Network for Group Research (INGRoup) Conference, INGRoup, Chicago, IL, USA