What kind of leader does it take to create an open culture and encourage people to admit their mistakes?

It has to be someone who is able to liberate teams from their roles as subordinates and accord open communication a special role in the discussions and analyses concerning errors. However, these skills must first be learned.

Past panel participation

April 23, 2023
Leading in Tough Times: Applying Cross-Sector Lessons on Resilience to Health Care  
Cynosure Health, online roundtable

Sep 24, 2020
What Can We Learn from Error Management in the Aviation Industry? 
28th CEEMAN Annual Conference, Bled, Slovenia

 Aug 11, 2020
Broadening Sight at the Board Level: Perspectives from Error Management Research
Symposium, 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management

Aug 13, 2019
Strategy and Leadership in Managing Errors in Organizations: What We Know, What We Should Know
Showcase Symposium, 79th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Boston, MA, USA

Jan 24, 2019
Fehlerkultur in der Rechtspflege – wie geht es weiter?
Symposium des Deutschen Anwaltverein, Berlin, Germany

Nov 12, 2018
Putting error management on the leadership agenda
Inaugural panel discussion, Fourth ESMT and Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management Error Management Conference, Berlin, Germany

Jun 7, 2018
Brauchen Justiz and Anwaltschaft eine Fehlerkultur?
Inaugural panel discussion, Deutscher Anwaltstag 2018, Mannheim, Germany

May 31, 2018
Learning and unlearning from the Israeli entrepreneurship experience
Open Lecture discussion, ESMT Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Mar 20, 2018
Fehlerkultur – Was wir von Piloten lernen können
Zürcher Public Relations Gesellschaft, Zurich, Switzerland

Aug 7, 2017
Strategic Error Management in VUCA Organizations (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous)
Joint Symposium, 77th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Atlanta, GA, USA

May 12, 2016
From Wrong to Right: How to manage organizational errors
Inaugural panel discussion to the Error Management Summit, Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, Brussels, Belgium

Jan 15, 2016
Generating an error-reporting system – the requirements
Inaugural panel discussion, Second ESMT Error Management Conference, Berlin, Germany

Aug 11, 2015
Repositioning Crisis Management: The Role of Resilience
Joint Symposium, 75th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Vancover, Canada

Jun 18, 2015
How to learn from dealing with failure in other areas
Conference of the European Commission/DG GROW Learning from Failure – Bankruptcy and Second chance for Honest Bankrupt Entrepreneurs, Brussels, Belgium

Nov 19, 2014
Führen ohne zu verurteilen. Warum man Fehler zulassen muß, um sie zu vermeiden
Impulse Konferenz, Düsseldorf, Germany

Aug 4, 2014
Boardroom of the Future: Challenges to and Strategies for Effective Functioning
Joint Symposium, 74th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Nov 8, 2013
Where are we after 30 years of Crew Resource Management?
Inaugural panel discussion, ESMT Error Management Conference, Berlin, Germany

Nov 8, 2013
The fear of errors
Panel discussion, ESMT Error Management Conference, Berlin, Germany

Mar 1, 2013
The Future of European Banking – Facing Challenges, Finding Opportunities
Hertie School of Governance, Berlin, Germany

Nov 28, 2012
Wege aus der EU-Krise – Konsequenzen für Deutschland
Ministerium für Wirtschaft und Europaangelegenheiten des Landes Brandenburg, Potsdam, Germany

Feb 22, 2011
Hat der ehrbare (Bank-)Kaufmann noch eine Zukunft
Wirtschaftsrat der CDU, Berlin, Germany

Jul 1, 2009
Beyond Deleveraging – New Perspectives for Banks and Corporations
ESMT Annual Forum, Berlin, Germany